Who We Are and What We Do
AGR Foundation creates sustainable jobs and fosters a technologically adept workforce in economically-challenged communities, with an emphasis on recycling and refurbishing electronics in an environmentally safe manner.

As a workforce development organization, AGR Foundation assists the disabled, veterans and those who are considered difficult to employ to develop marketable skills that lead to job acquisition and retention.

In addition, AGR provides instructional curriculum and training courses for employees of e-waste management and disposal firms as well as organizations and agencies with workforce and life skill development needs.

AGR Foundation provides training in the following functions: Customer Service, Sorting, Inventory, Material Handling, Dismantling, Asset Management and Reuse, Resale of refurbished Electronic Waste.

AGR Foundation Job Creation

Many areas in the United States are plagued with unemployment rates higher than the national unemployment rate. One solution to combat higher unemployment rates is to create permanent jobs and develop industry in economically disadvantaged areas. Read more


We are committed to be an all green company helping our clients recycle or reuse their end-of-life electronics and other assets with a no landfill policy while helping to protect our environment. Visit website
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Why should you consider a job in the e-waste industry?

According to the EPA...
In 2012, an estimated 10,000 computers were disposed of each week across the federal government.
An estimated 5 million short tons of products were in storage in 2009.
Approximately 2.37 million short tons of electronics were ready for end-of-life management.
Approximately 141 million mobile devices were ready for end-of-life management in 2009.
In 2009, only 25% of electronics were collected for recycling.

By the early 2020's, Pike Research expects that recycling and reuse activity will surpass the annual volume and weight of electronic devices that become electronic waste (e-waste), and thus will play a large part in mitigating the e-Waste crisis. These obsolete electronics can create environmental hazards and legal liabilities and require special handling and disposal.